Designing a Guest Room that Shows Love

Guest room with great drapesAs a homeowner, you want to be proud of where you live. It might be a small house in terms of square footage, but it can be a comfortable place where everyone feels at home, including your guests. Entertaining is a little tricky when it involves a weekend stay, especially when you’re trying to impress visiting family members.

Let these design tricks show your guests that they are loved and welcome in the house:

Get Custom Drapes

Everywhere around the house, you’ve invested valuable time and money to nail down the design aspects. Even if you’re not exactly aiming for a magazine-ready style, your house in NJ is at least presentable. Don’t let guests down by having generic drapes in the room they will call theirs for the weekend. It should have custom drapes that are of the same quality as the rest of the house, so they know they are a part of the family.

Include a Basket of Toiletries

They’re not living with you permanently, so you only have a few days to show them how much they mean to you. When you’re entertaining in-laws, preparing a basket of toiletries is the least you can do. They’ll be grateful for the effort, and they will certainly appreciate the carefully selected soap and shampoo just for them. Give them fresh towels and linens as well, for comfort when they sleep.

Invite Them Out of the Room

Sure, you spent all this time decorating a room for them, but that’s not what entertaining is all about. They’ll want to spend time with you, and unless you plan on staying with them in the room, go ahead and take them to a different part of the house. The whole family can gather in the living room to watch a movie. You and your mother-in-law can prepare a meal for the family. These opportunities to bond will make their visit one to remember.

Guests add fun to your normal life, but when family members decide to visit, they expect a lot. Show them some love, so you don’t disappoint.

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