Dental Diaries: What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentDentists may recommend different options to preserve a tooth. Among these is a root canal treatment. This procedure treats the infected pulp of the tooth, making it an alternative solution to extraction. In other words, the dentist treats the inside of the tooth that contains the soft tissues and nerves to avoid tooth loss.

Signs you may need root canal treatment:

What to Expect During the Treatment

Endodontists may perform root canal treatment—dentists in Perth, WA may perform the procedure, given they have the background on the treatment. They will assess, diagnose and treat the problem according to the severity of the infection.

The first step of the treatment involves an X-ray examination to determine the shape of the root canals and to check for infection from nearby bones. After the examination, the dentist will apply anaesthesia on the affected area to minimise discomfort.

The dentist will place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep the area dry and free from moisture. The dentist will drill a hole on the tooth to remove the infected nerves and pulp. The dentist may also use an endodontic file to clean the hole and scrape the dead cells inside the tooth. When the traces of infection are gone, the dentist will apply saline solution to flush out debris.

What to Expect After the Treatment

Expect to feel tenderness and a little pain on the affected gum during the healing process. Your dentist may prescribe over the counter medication to relieve the pain. Avoid chewing using the affected tooth until further instructions from the dentist.

See your dentist immediately if you experience swelling of gums and unrelieved pain a few days after the root canal treatment. Your dentist will check if a new infection has emerged and determine if there are complications with your tooth.

Don’t neglect your oral health. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, consult your oral health care provider to determine the cause of your tooth problem.

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