Dental Care Tips for Expecting Mothers

Pregnant Woman in Dental Clinic

Pregnant Woman in Dental ClinicFor many women, pregnancy can cause a lot of anxieties due to burning questions about what to do and what not to do. Your growing baby then becomes your priority, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking care of yourself. After all, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else.

Good dental care is very important during this time in your life. Miller Comfort Dental recommends that you don’t neglect your teeth, gums, and mouth. Here are some dental care tips to remember when you visit your family dentist in Lakeville, Minnesota.

First of all, you need to inform your dentist that you’re expecting.
In fact, even before you’re 100 percent that you are expecting, you should inform your dentist that you might be pregnant. Doing this will help your dentist be gentler with your dental work, especially if your pregnant is considered high-risk. If you are, your dentist will then decide which dental treatments should be postponed.

Teeth cleaning is highly safe for pregnant women.
It is not only safe, but it is also highly recommended. Remember that when you’re pregnant, you experience an increase in hormones that could cause your gums to bleed and swell. It can lead to more food particles to get stuck in between your teeth, which can further cause infection. While it’s important to brush and floss after every meal, especially when you’re pregnant, only a professional prophylaxis can get rid of the deep-seated and hard-to-reach dirt in your mouth.

Try not to brush when you vomit.
It can be very annoying and uncomfortable but try not to brush right away after you vomit. Your stomach acid can eat the tooth enamel. To get rid of the nasty taste and sensation, use a non-acidic mouthwash or simply with water. Try to wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth thoroughly.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Pregnancy

Remember that your oral health greatly affects your overall health. There is no better time to be more conscious and proactive about defending yourself from dental problems than when you’re expecting.

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