Cool Raffle Prize Ideas for Fundraising Events

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Raising money for charity shouldn’t be worrisome or difficult. Fundraising events should be fun for both the organizers and attendees. One of the main highlights of charity events is the raffle prizes. Ticket holders have the opportunity to win great prizes such as gift certificates, gadgets, and appliances, overnight hotel accommodation packages, a new house or car. These prizes help draw guests and purchase tickets. In the end, the organizers will raise enough funds for the charity of their choice.

However, if these ideas are beyond your budget, there are other cool and inexpensive ideas for raffle prizes. Here are some of them:

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers from local attractions or businesses are excellent raffle prizes. Most local business organizations would be glad to help charity and fundraising events. Free overnight accommodations from Singapore heritage hotels or dining vouchers from restaurants such are excellent raffle prizes. These gift certificates could also include admission tickets to local museums, art galleries, movie theatres or zoos. Theme park admissions should also be considered if the target audience is families. Single individuals who love to go out can benefit from gift certificates from the local bar, restaurant or club.

Cash Prizes

Cash has always been used for raffle prizes. People like to receive cash as a prize, and the thrill of winning the jackpot is gold. Since raffle ticket prices are considerably affordable, people purchase these tickets. The prizes can be stated to help boost ticket sales and attendance. However, the jackpot prize should be at least 50 percent of the ticket proceeds.

Gift Baskets

gift basket

The good thing about gift baskets is that they can be personalized to fit the fundraising event’s theme. A coffee lover’s gift basket can include a can of fresh coffee beans, a tumbler, flavored creamer and bags of exotic coffee. A fashionista gift basket could include different make-ups or lipsticks. Another cool idea is a build-your-own gift basket. Winners can select from a list or product catalog. The basket will be delivered to their home or office.

Everyday Products

Common or everyday products are great raffle prizes. These range from smartphones, LED television, an outdoor barbecue grill, a giant stuffed toy, or even a rice cooker. Participants will be happy to participate in the raffle, with hopes of winning an everyday product. In addition, these prizes can be donated by possible sponsors for the event.

Sponsored Prizes

Big businesses, organizations, and even local merchants are willing to sponsor or donate prizes for fundraising events. These prizes range from food products, brand-new appliances, electronic gadgets or brand-new cars. A simple thank-you note with the sponsor’s logo on the item shows how the organizers appreciate the donated prize. A free car wash voucher or a free cut and style at the local salon are other examples of sponsored prizes.

Raffle prizes need not be expensive. They should appeal to people and have enough power to draw them to the event. The goal of charity events is to raise funds for a cause, and the extra money earned from the event should be donated to a charitable institution.

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