Conditions in the Middle East: Understanding Peace and War

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No other region in the world experiences so many dangerous and complicated conflicts than the Middle East. The region experiences threats of war and bombings every day, as it’s the preferred area of competition for global powers, including Russia and the United States. However, despite ongoing conflicts still happening in the countries sprawled across the region, recent safety and peace conditions could be the pathway to a better and safer Middle East.

Here are some of the most recent peace conditions made in the Middle East — plus ongoing conflicts that may result in even more violence in the future.

Abraham Peace Accord Brokered by the U.S.

The Abraham Peace Accord, or known as ‘Abraham Accords,’ was the most recent joint statement between the United States, Israel, and United Arab Emirates (UAE) established on August 13, 2020. This treaty desires to establish peace and diplomatic relations and full normalization of ties between them and their citizens, charting a new path to unlock these nations’ potential and the region. With the new peace accords in the area, it will be easier to communicate as well as buy and ship items from Saudi Arabia to the United States and vice versa. These nations believe that the further development of friendly relations can be the solution to lasting peace in the Middle East.

Palestine — The Outliers

In the peace treaties made by the Trump administration and the decisions between Bahrain and Emirates, Palestinians have been left out for the last three-and-a-half years. The Palestinian issue will never get resolved until there’s a territorial component involved, and they heavily rely on living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security. Many tried to create more options other than a two-state solution, but there’s no alternative to a two-state solution. It’s the only way to resolve the conflict, meaning Palestine needs to await a different leadership in the Middle East and revive some American policy fundamentals.

A Crumbling Lebanon

Lebanon has been hit the hardest recently, with citizens facing a catastrophic situation — with the recent bombing in Beirut damaging half the city that injured thousands and killed hundreds. And despite the numerous footage provided by locals, nobody knows what happened that day, shedding light on mismanagement and corruption lying at the heart of its governance system. The country’s political system is in a crisis, with each political leader losing their legitimacy — leaving the nation, its economy, and people in chaos.

The United States’ Potential Conflict with Iran

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Iran and the United States have had a rocky relationship for years. It only worsened during the 1979–81 Iran hostage crisis — and recently, Trump revealed to other Middle Eastern countries that he’s going to walk away from the proposed nuclear deal — putting Iranians under pressure. Although the other countries support his decision, his notion that the U.S. will stand behind its policy isn’t credible to the region — and Iranians. Because of this and the current situation the world is facing, Iran has gone through a lot of unrest. The country faces high rates of inflation, unemployment, and currency collapsing. This scenario can lead to another possible war between the U.S. and Iran.

The Middle East is the planet’s most war-torn transcontinental region — with countries in this area frequently experiencing the threat of airstrikes, war, and invasions. Although the warring seems like it won’t be ending soon due to the ongoing conflicts in Iran, Palestine, and other neighboring nations — the current peace conditions established are a small yet crucial step towards a safer and war-free Middle East.

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