Coming-of-Age Birthday Gifts to Awe Your Son

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Watching our boys grow into a young man is one of the happiest yet saddest milestones for us parents. As much as we’re proud of what they’ve become over the years, we still can’t help but miss the days when they’re just learning how to walk, talk, and do everything by themselves. It’s as if time moved too fast, and they’ve turned into adults in a blink of an eye.

For that reason, it’s just fitting to celebrate their coming-of-age year with something grand. Gone are the days of amusement parks, party hats, and themed cakes. Even though your son isn’t probably expecting presents from you since they’re either already in college or working, prepare something for them, nonetheless. Your gift will be a reminder that you appreciate them always and that they make you proud.

That said, here are some gift ideas that’ll surely astound your young man:

1. A Car

All men can agree that a car is one of the best presents they will ever receive. If your son is always on-the-go, loves to travel, or is just a humble auto-enthusiast, make him the happiest by gifting him his first-ever car. Start him with a top-notch Holden model. Professional Holden dealers such as Schofields of Newmarket are just around Auckland and other cities, so your purchase shouldn’t be a hassle.

If he doesn’t know how to drive yet, perhaps you can teach him yourself if you have the time. That way, the car will be even more special for him, and he might just keep it until he gets hitched and has his own family.

2. The Latest Gadget

Young men tend to find the latest gadgets irresistible, and if you’re also updated with current releases, you’d know that even just one gaming console or smartphone can break the bank. Therefore, if you have a lot of dollars to spare, save your son the burden of saving and spending by buying him the particular gadget he’s been eyeing.

If you’re not sure about what he wants and asking will be too obvious, be observant, and try to find out what he needs, instead of what he wants. For example, if he always loses his charger or is constantly irked by its cable, give him a wireless charger. Or if he likes to listen to music in the car but the earphone wires always get in the way, surprise him with Airpods.

3. Grooming and Skincare Kit

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Since he’s now a man, it’s time for him to be more conscious of his appearance. Encourage him to jump into the skincare and grooming bandwagon by gifting him some nice effective products from esteemed brands. Once he notices how much manlier he looks with proper grooming and healthy skin, he’ll be thrilled to maintain it.

4. Designer Perfume

Adulthood is when everybody’s tastes in scents become more exquisite, so introduce him to the art of fragrances, and let him find his signature scent by gifting him his first designer perfume.

5. A Bag

Teen guys normally get by without bringing anything, but in adulthood, especially when he starts working, he can never leave the house again without a bag. If he never owned any bag that’s specifically designed for his lifestyle or dream profession, be the one to buy it for him, and he’ll definitely be moved because it shows how you support his aspirations.

Gifting men isn’t hard at all if you just pay attention to their needs, wants, and general lifestyle. What’s more, if you give him a grand gift once in a while, you motivate him to achieve his goals because he’d learn that it’s the time he deserves some great luxury.

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