Charity Begins at a… Self-Storage Facility?

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storage unitsSelf-storage facilities generally have vacant units, and depending on your contract with the property, you can have as many units as you desire. Sometimes, though, there are other uses for a self-storage unit than just a simple warehouse maintained by a third party.

Such units increasingly find uses to help local charities, donation drives, and even for holding fundraisers. Charitable businesses often use these sites to host non-profit organisations. At the very least, it will also give you an opportunity to advertise your business.

Donating the space for a time to these charities sends a message that you are concerned about the community you live in, whether you are a business or an individual.

Here are some ideas on how your facility can help the needy:

• You can join other such facilities and have fundraisers to collect donations. You can even have a friendly competition on who does what better!
• You can organize drives to collect jackets, shoes, and other winter wear for women, men and children in need. The self-storage unit can function as a central point or collection drop-off for these items, which may come in handy for disaster relief procedures in a nearby area.
• Speaking of which, use your storage service as a makeshift headquarters for disaster relief operations, notes Store-All WA.
• For businesses, you need not stick to one organisation; instead, ask your employees to pick different charities. Compensate your staff for the time they spend volunteering at such events.
• You can even donate boxes and storage cartons to Boy Scout organisations. They can use them for collecting books, stationery, etc. for their global literacy drive. These non-profit organizations may need space to store the various items they amass in their various drives and campaigns. Offer your storage facilities to them free of charge, or for a small fee.
• Organise and host a blood donation drive. Make sure to make the Red Cross or licensed medical practitioners oversee the event.

You can get many more inspirational ideas if you put your mind to it. Help the needy in any way possible and put your vacant units to good use.

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