Building Systems and How They Affect You

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Building systems are crucial for maintaining the safety and comfort of residential and commercial spaces. These are comprised of critical systems that ensure the regular operation of homes and businesses. Utilities, HVAC, security, energy, and other systems fall under this category.

Places with efficient systems meet and exceed building code requirements. This is where building testing, adjusting, and balancing services in Portland and other locations come in.

Types of Building Systems

Not all types of buildings will have all system types, but most of the following will be present at any building: enclosure, structural, electrical, and mechanical fire safety, finishes, conveyor, and site work. Others define them as civil, electrical, energy, mechanical, plumbing, and structural, technology.

What’s clear is if you take away one of these systems from a building, it’s bound to have serious problems. A building in Portland can have the same specifications as a structure in Daytona, but the one in Portland can have lower utility fees every month due to having well-maintained systems.


Separating the interior and exterior of the building is the enclosure system. Balconies, building walls, roofs, and doors are just some of these parts. The system houses and protects the building’s structural, mechanical, and electrical systems from sabotage and wear and tear from the elements.


The structural system is a building’s “skeleton.” Foundations, beams, wireframes, and like structures that ensure the integrity of the building belong to this system. Advancements in technology have made structures more resilient and disaster-proof. Without a strong structure, the other systems of the building—and the building itself—would collapse.

Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Safety

HVAC technician charging a heat pump with refrigerantThe electrical and mechanical systems provide the building with its functions. Electrical systems supply power throughout the building and fuel the technology of the structure. Mechanical systems include the HVAC system, gate motors in parking garages, and the plumbing system.

The fire safety system is also self-explanatory. Alarms, detectors, and monitors are part of the preventative aspects of fire safety systems. Pumps, sprinklers, and alert systems activate in case of emergencies. Fire exits, automatic disabling of elevators, sirens, and signs guide the building’s occupants out of harm’s way and to safe areas. Most of the time, this system is also used for other types of disasters, such as earthquakes.


Plenty of overlap exists between conveyor, electrical, and mechanical systems. Elevators, escalators, and other means of vertical transport between floors are classified under this system. These assets are firmly bound with the maintenance of other systems that surround or power it.

Finishes and Site work

Functional aesthetics lives in the finishes and site work of a building. Finishes refer to interior fixtures and site work takes care of the balcony, gardens, and other parts of a building’s exterior. Wall coverings, windows, and flooring options are part of a building’s finishes. Accessibility is an issue in both finishes and site work. Roadways, landscaping, and walkways fall under the concerns of the site work system.

Building systems can greatly affect the people living or operating in any given structure. If any part of the system fails in your unit, it’s best to report the problem to the authorities immediately. The leak in your HVAC system can prompt your building to upgrade its entire system. Being vigilant and knowing the regular capacity of a building ensures that tenants are getting the most of their units.

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