Asbestos Roof Removal in Perth


AsbestosAsbestos is a banned chemical that causes lung cancer and other serious lung related conditions. However, before its scientists discovered its dangers, builders used asbestos roofing materials for many decades.

Asbestos removal follows stringent government protocols to ensure that it does not cause harm to the inhabitants of the property. A background information on how removal experts do this:

• Guidelines for Removal

Asbestos roofing materials were all the rage in homes dating back from the 1920s up to the 1970s, after which governments banned it. Another kind of asbestos on barns, sheds and in many low-income residential housing also exists during the period. Its popularity was due mainly to its fire-resistant properties, because the fibres mixed with Portland cement made for a fire-retardant material.

• Proper Training and Equipment

In all scenarios, licensed roofing contractors perform the asbestos removal from an old roof. Aside from proper training, these contractors like Bower Roofing provide proper gear such as full body suits and a special regulator to prevent them from inhaling any disturbed fibres. The most effective means of removing asbestos from roofs is to ensure that they remain in a non-friable state. The term non-friable means that the asbestos does not crumble.

• Removal Process

During the removal process, experts water down asbestos to prevent minute particles from dispersing into the air. They avid abrasive removal methods, such as cutting or grinding, as this disturb the particles.

Removed asbestos go into sealed plastic bags or special containers for proper disposal. Labelling processes and sealing procedures come next, after which the contractor fills out forms to transfer it to a disposal facility that handles toxic waste.

The biggest danger associated with asbestos roofing materials is that it may become friable or airborne. Once inhaled, exposed individuals can develop a rare form of cancer like mesothelioma. Have your house checked, especially if you live in a property constructed before 1970.

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