Anti-Gravity Yoga and Hammocks: Benefits Every Practitioner May Expect

aerial hammock
Image by: Patrcik | License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Anti-gravity yoga is a new trend that’s making waves across fitness studios in North America. It combines elements from a number of disciplines and offers a very challenging workout. Many aspiring yogis enjoy a challenge, such as being suspended in mid-air. The uniqueness of this method is in the effective use of a yoga hammock which hangs from a ceiling.

aerial hammock
Image by: Patrcik | License: CC BY-SA 2.0


Anti-gravity yoga brings a sense of adventure to the classroom because of its hybrid nature. Developed by former gymnast Christopher Harrison of Antigravity Fitness in 1991, it was by pure chance that he discovered the benefits of using a hammock. Hammocks provide stability for inverted poses, making it easy for those who struggle to do them. Inversions are very important, as they help relieve compressed joints and create space in the vertebral column. This method is very easy and can be done by anyone who can do at least three sit-ups, according to instructors.


During the course of the class, instructors guide students in doing different postures to recalibrate the body and the spine. Inversions are very important as they help to put space between the vertebrae so that the lubricating gel can do its job as intended. In fact, many people add inches to their height because they are able to lengthen muscles and ensure that their joints are aligned properly. Other yoga methods use aerial yoga equipment to make it easy for students who are not supple to stretch well and benefit from yoga.


Each instructor has their own methodology and use the yoga hammock to help students address their specific issues. Yoga has numerous benefits, one of which is stretching — using one’s own body weight to build strength, making sure that joints remain healthy and meditation to calm the mind. Aerial yoga equipment is especially useful in helping people do inversions without pressure on their joints. This equipment helps to stretch people out properly with the help of gravity. Suspension helps to release muscle tension and increases flexibility and a sense of wellbeing among practitioners.

Most people don’t realize the stress they place on their body due to bad posture and sporting activities. Exercise forms like yoga and Pilates have helped rehabilitate many people with serious injuries and those with conditions such as PTSD. Yoga offers other benefits such as a well-aligned body, joint and spinal decompression, high endorphin levels, cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, weight loss and good blood circulation.

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