4 Things You Must Prepare for Your Child’s 7th Birthday Party


PastriesPlanning your kid’s 7th birthday party is a fun and exciting thing to do. Seeing your own child happy is one of the best feelings in the world. That genuine smile is priceless, and it’s your responsibility as parents to make sure it always happens.

BOUNCE shares some of the things you must always keep in mind to plan the best birthday party for your little one.

The Perfect Invitation

The invitation is the first thing that your guests would see, so it must spark their interest. Since this is a kids’ party, you don’t need to be all formal and fancy. Ask your kid what his or her favourite cartoon character is, and make it the invitation’s theme. Make sure the details are clearly stated to avoid confusion.

The Colourful Decorations

Visit different kids’ party venues before you plan what decorations to rent or prepare. It must all fit in the venue without making it look and feel cramped. Decide on a central theme, like outer space, Disney’s Frozen, jungle, magic show, or any other fun ideas. You can buy wall decals, ornaments, balloons, candles, banners, and streamers that match the birthday’s theme.

The Delicious Foods

Serve food choices that kids would enjoy, like spaghetti, chicken lollipops, nachos, marshmallows, chocolate fondue, candies, and ice cream. Make sure the birthday cake you’ll buy for your little one matches the overall theme of the party. You can also serve a few other dishes for the adults to enjoy.

The Exciting Games

Games are the main attraction of any kiddie party. You have to prepare at least 5 games for the kids, and maybe a couple for the adults. The games should also reflect the party theme. For example, if you have a pirate-themed party, a treasure hunt would be fun!

Your kid will only turn 7 once, so go all in for the party to be the best! Make this celebration a very memorable one by planning it with much delight.

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