4 Effective Steps to Waterproof Your Home

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As the cold and wet season comes in, keeping the house dry and cosy is probably one of the greatest concerns of every homeowner. To guard your home against one of nature’s most damaging forces, here are a few tricks you could use:

Fill Cracks and Holes in the Wall

Prevents the possibility of leaks within your home by sealing the joints and seams of your walls. Caulking makes your home impenetrable to moist. Experts often apply waterproofing sealant products in areas that have high moisture levels like the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. As waterproofingdirect.com.au and other experts explain, sealing these areas could reduce and stop the chances of mold and mildew buildup in your home.

Apply Waterproofing Coating

As you build your home, it’s necessary to coat your concrete walls with waterproofing membranes. This would protect its contents and ensure the structural integrity of your home for years. In case you haven’t done it yet, you could still apply coatings if your walls and the foundation of the house are fully intact.

Mind Your Roof and Gutter

To keep rainwater from getting into your home, your downspout must guide the water properly six feet away from its foundation. Ensure that your gutter is in good condition and are maintained regularly. This is to prevent them from leaking which may weaken and damage your home’s structure. To enjoy the functionality of your roof, always keep it clean and fix any missing or curled shingle.

Pay Attention to Basement

The basement is one of the areas that’s extremely susceptible to water damage. Luckily, this could be avoided with the right amount of protection. Other than coating it with waterproofing membranes, you must check it for any sign of leaks or cracks. In addition, be sure to keep the moisture and humidity level in this area under control to avoid related problems from surfacing.

Guard your home against leaks and other possible water problems with these steps. Remember that it’s better to be ready than be sorry later on. Along with these, don’t forget to have your home inspected regularly to detect and address issues as early as possible.


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