3 Simple Tips for Selecting a Planter That’s Perfect for Your Outdoors

blue planter

Deciding on the perfect outdoor planter or garden urns – which you can get from vendors such as Authentic Provence – is not an easy affair, especially if you’re new to container gardening. To make things easier for you, ask yourself what you really want to achieve with the planter.

As soon as you’ve come up with a solid answer, think about these factors.

The amount of space you have

One of the biggest reasons people practice container gardening is because they don’t have enough outdoor space to start an ordinary garden. That said, it’s still important to realize that planters come in all manner of sizes.

Determine what size and shape of containers your space can accommodate. If you’ll be placing the planter on your balcony, make sure it doesn’t take up most of your available space.

The type of plants you want to grow

When it comes to container gardening, content determines context. In other words, the kind of plant you’re going to be farming in the container is an important factor when thinking of a planter.

If you’re going to grow larger plants like palms and strawberries, then you want to choose a large container, while veggies such as spinach and pepper can thrive in smaller containers.

The function of the planter or urn

Sometimes, you want an outdoor planter that will hold greenery to brighten up a drab wall. In such a case, it’s best to opt for a massive planter. Such a planter, when color-filled, would also be ideal if you are trying to create a visual focus on a certain area.

In the latter case, it’s a good idea to place the pot on a pedestal.

The outdoor planter you choose for your gardening plays a significant role in determining the amount of success you meet within your venture. Making the right decision can get you started on the right foot.

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