3 Easy but Amazing Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Red carpet

Red carpetThe term “red carpet” always entails importance, richness and luxury. Hence, having carpets in your home can represent the same kind of elegance and affluence – provided that they stay clean and fresh.

Admittedly, having to clean a carpet covered room is not that easy. It’s not as if you can sweep it clean, mop it up when it gets soiled or use a dry cloth to polish it. However, the ingredients of homemade carpet cleaning Highland residents concoct are readily available when you want to keep your carpet smelling fresh and looking good.

Here are a few of them:

1. Baby Wipes

Worried that you might get the whole carpet wet? Use baby wipes to remove small stains such as crayon marks and water color spills. You can even use it to clean up pet poop. However, this might not work completely for major liquid spills and stains but it remains the easiest to keep handy and use for DIY carpet cleaners.

2. DIY Spot Remover

Easy to make and use, just mix thick dishwashing liquid and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Spray directly on the stain or pour it on in controlled amounts. Use sparingly, because soap-based products can cause hardening of the carpet’s lining if used regularly and in large amounts.

3. Homemade Powdered Cleanser

Mix one cup of baking soda or bi-carb with 20 drops of essential oils in a mixing bowl. Better if you use scented oil to create your own fresh scent.

Keep mixing them well then use a sifter to make sure there are no large clumps left. Put the whole powdered mix into an old talc or baby powder container. Sprinkle the powder all over your carpet and leave it there for at least thirty minutes. Vacuum and enjoy the wonderful fresh smell and look of your carpet.

Some carpet stains and damage that you cannot remove with just any DIY solution. If there ever is a need to remove mildew, mold or flood and water damage, consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to take care of these kinds of problems. This is also best if you lack the time and patience to actually do the cleaning yourself.

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