3 Dental Problems You Would Not Want to Have When You Reach 40

Dental ProblemSmile — not a chance. You were supposed to flash that huge grin along with your friends, but you hesitated at the last moment. Why? You remembered that something is wrong with your teeth. While dental problems are a normal occurrence in life, at least try to make sure that you do not suffer from these dental problems before turning 40 years old:


Otherwise known as bad breath, you should avoid this condition at all costs. While there may be times when you suffer from bad breath because of the food you ate, monkmoordental.co.uk noted that there are instances when the condition is due to something else. If you do not suffer from bad breath, you should still avoid or minimise food that causes it. Some of these include milk, cheese, garlic, coffee, onion, peppers, red meat, alcohol and tomatoes.

Bone Loss

This is one unpleasant condition that can wreak havoc in your mouth. Right beneath your gums is your jawbone. When bacteria starts eating at the jawbone, this can lead to serious dental problems you would not want to encounter. As much as possible, if you had tooth extraction before reaching 40 or if you suffered from tooth loss, make sure you replace the tooth. Not replacing lost tooth could lead to a nasty bone loss.

Dental Abscess

Do you know that this is one of the worst dental problems? In fact, this is considered as a severe condition that would require you to undergo a root canal treatment. If you do not undergo this treatment, it could spell a host of problems since the infection in your tooth may find its way to your brain. WebMD mentioned that bacteria can likewise affect your cheek and throat and cause a great deal of pain. Some people undergo an implant thereafter, so if you see this as an option, you can check dental implants prices so that you can budget for such a procedure.

Now imagine yourself celebrating your 40th birthday and you do not have any of these conditions. Now that is something worth celebrating, as well.

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