2 AC Unit Problems You Can Fix Yourself

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ac repairsSummers get warmer each year, and it’s only logical to invest in AC units that will ward off the heat wave.

While weather experts predict that the upcoming summer Arkansas won’t be as hot and dry as people feared, skipping on proper AC unit maintenance only calls for future problems. Dealing with possible repairs now saves you from having to cope with the lack of cool air when the temperature rises.

Kennedy Air Conditioning shares some of the most common ones below:

The Broken Thermostat

Faulty thermostats make units blow off hotter or cooler air compared to the temperature you set. Before you assume that the unit has malfunctioned, it’s best to check whether the thermostat works properly.

First, identify the specific trouble you’re about to tackle. Are the digits flashing or not visible altogether? Do the temperature in the room and the digits you see match?

Many people neglect cleaning the thermostat; hence the build-up of dirt interrupts both its electrical and mechanical functions. Running it with a soft-bristled brush should solve the problem. Loose or damaged wires, on the other hand, require that the unit be turned off through the breaker box or the batteries be removed first. Fastening the wires and tightening screws will be easier then.

Clogged Drain Lines

As time passes, dirt gathers and clogs the pan. The collected moisture from your house that it’s supposed to pump out becomes unable to pass through the drain line. When this happens in places like Sherwood, heating and cooling proves to be of great inconvenience.

Find the drain line and remove the cover. Refer to a system’s manual and follow the removal instructions indicated. Prepare your vacuum and steady the hose against the access hole. Once the clog is removed, water would begin to go down the drain pipe again.

Holes in coil drain pan demand for replacement. In case grease or oil fumes cause the water to drip from the coil, cleaning the coil easily returns it back to shape.

Thorough cleaning and good maintenance often resolve most AC unit problems. Learning to identify where the problem lies and the basic means to fix them wards off unnecessary overhauls until professional help proves unavoidable.

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