Your True Purpose: Use Your Strength to Help Others


You don’t have to be a millionaire to help others. You don’t have to wait until you’re doing better to help, either. The truth is, everyone has something to give, and everyone needs help. Forget the six-figure salary and the lavish mansion. Your goal should not be to get rich; it’s better to live with a purpose, and that purpose is to help others.

If you live this way, no matter your job or lifestyle, you will be more open to helping and giving.

Helping People Overcome Insecurities

The world we live in is filled with reasons to feel insecure. Everywhere you look, you are met with unattainable beauty standards. You can devote your whole life to achieving the perfect body, but before you can even get there, the rules have already changed. Social media influencers should be using their power to empower people no matter their shape or size. Even those who are getting scalp pigmentation training are in a unique position to help people overcome hair insecurities. It’s hard to find people who are content with how they look, and in one way or another, you can help them feel better about themselves while doing your job. You don’t need to do anything special; do your job well and give them the best results you can give.

Encouraging People to Move on

You might have experienced loss and hardships yourself, and you nearly gave up. But you overcame your hurdles, and now you’re in a position to share your nights with those who are experiencing a similar problem. Understand that each person deals with something different, and your goal is not to compare yourself with others. Stick to sharing encouraging words and mention some of the strategies that helped you get over your problems. Keynote speakers take from experience when they speak in front of a crowd, and even the most successful business owners have their fair share of failures. Opening up about your hurdles and showing how far you’ve come will help people see that they can come out on top, too.

Being a Patient Listener


Helping doesn’t always mean swooping in to solve other people’s problems for them. When you live a purposeful life, this doesn’t mean you act as everyone’s hero and give more than what you can. Your goal is not to spread yourself thin in the process of improving someone else’s situation. If all you can do is listen to a colleague who is going through a lot, that’s already enough. Sometimes, people need support while they figure out what to do with their problems. You might not have the financial capacity to help, but giving them your honest opinion and saying words of encouragement can already make them feel braver. You won’t feel helpless because you can’t solve their problems, and they will feel empowered knowing they are finding the solution themselves.

You will not find happiness if your goal is to get rich. Strive to live a purpose-filled life and help others realize their potential.

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