Your Head Start on Team Roping

Western lifestyleMany rodeo movies and television shows, such as Colorado Cowboy and The Ropers, might have inspired you to try living in the west. Vignettes of ranch life and exciting expeditions with horses may be enough to persuade you to try living the Western lifestyle.

But if you are adventurous at heart, you may want to try team roping. Team roping may sound intimidating and dangerous at first, but if you learn the ropes (pun intended), you’ll soon find that it is fun and exciting.

Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

What are the Hazards?

Understand that this activity comes with some risks. And it’s important that you know them so that you can easily manage your expectations. The first risk will be your encounter with the horse. This will only be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle a horse. You must also be careful when handling the steer (the catch), as it can kick and charge at someone unexpectedly.

Learning the Basics

Start with observation. Go to your local rodeo and see the maneuvers of the headers. Don’t stop there; you may ask the headers and the heelers some questions. If you’re not content with just watching, find someone who can teach you the basics.

Time to Practice!

When it comes to practice, you don’t get to mount the horse and throw the team rope around the steer right away. You need to practice first without a horse. You will be required to throw your rope around a dummy to sharpen accuracy. Once you’re good at it, you may train while you’re on a horse. Finally, you will have to learn the maneuvers that will keep you safe.

Team roping is definitely one of the best things to try out while you’re in the west. And should you make a career out of it, you’ll surely find a lot of opportunities.

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