Your Guide to Buying Her an Engagement Ring

Man proposing to a womanEven in these modern times where domestic partnerships are not uncommon, the tradition of marriage and the preceding engagement is still very much alive. Women in a serious relationship dream of the day when her partner will utter those four special words – “Will you marry me?” – followed by the offer of an engagement ring to symbolize the commitment.

If you’re the boyfriend or domestic partner, and you are serious about asking her to tie the knot, get her an engagement band before you pop the question. Utah has a number of jewelry stores that have a collection you can choose from.

Get Her a Ring that Says, “I Know and Love You.”

In choosing her engagement ring, consider her personality, and how that ring would match it. It tells her that you have given a lot of thought in its selection and that you are so into her.

Here are three suggested guides to help you in making the right choice:

  1. Birth Month: This guide is pretty simple and straightforward because each birth month has its own birthstone. For example, if your girlfriend was born in January, her birthstone is the garnet. On the other hand, if her birth month is May, her birthstone is an emerald.
  2. Astrological Sign: Although a little more complex than the birth month, this guide is supposed to give a general idea of what your girlfriend’s personality is. Either use as is or validate based on your own personal assessment of her, to determine her most dominant traits.
  3. Self-Help Personality Tests: This is the most complex guide, but one that may result in the best choice for that engagement ring. It can be as simple as taking online personality tests but answering based on how much you know her.

Your girlfriend or partner looks forward to the day you ask her to marry you. Make that day special by symbolizing your commitment with an engagement ring. And make that engagement ring special for her by matching it with her personality. She will appreciate the effort.

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