Your First Home: What to Avoid When Buying a Pre-Loved Property

HomeownerIf you’re planning to buy a pre-loved property don’t simply grab the first “best deal” you see. When you start viewing properties, do a mental checklist. Here are some things to help you identify the real good buys from the duds:

Molds and Pests – Not only are these a health hazard, they can also weaken the integrity of the property’s structure and devalue it. Altius Mortgage Group added that these might even make filing a mortgage loan in Utah difficult since in some states, you need to provide a “clean wood destroying insects” document for your bank or mortgage provider to run your papers.

Insulation and Leaks – Having insufficient insulation and leaks can skyrocket your utility bills. Check basements, attics, windows, and doors for soundness and large cracks. It would be better to hire a home inspector in Utah to check the house before buying it. It might cost you extra, but knowing the real condition of the house is half the battle.

Damp Smells and Water Stains – These marks tell a story that can get horrifying once you’ve made your move. It usually shows you where the roof leaks or where the plumbing seeps through. It also tells you of possible flooding in the area during hurricane season. Check inside cabinets and storerooms, not only the walls or floors. Sometimes a good paint job can hide all the evidence.

Location, Location, Location – Some people can easily get so enthusiastic over a house that they forget to check the surrounding area. How secure is the property? Is the neighborhood conducive to rest and raising a family? Are there groceries, hospitals, and schools nearby? Are there options for public transport? Remember that the “small things” can become major factors over the years.

If you’re willing to do the fixing yourself after buying, then you’d need to add the cost of that into the property price to see if it is a good deal. Be patient and continue looking. There will always be other options, which can be a sound investment and a true home for you.

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