You Need Both External and Internal Confidence to Succeed

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The key to being successful is not all-encompassing knowledge or riches beyond measure. You don’t need to be a billionaire to earn more money. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room to make it far. What you need is confidence–both internal and external.

No matter what career you want to pursue, be your confidence booster to succeed.

Remind Yourself that You’re Worth It

Confidence is not just about knowing you’re equipped with the skills to do your job well. It’s also about believing in yourself and giving yourself that mental pep talk to remember you are worth it. This might seem unnecessary to someone who’s had the support of their family and friends all their life, but for those who have told their circle of friends they are thinking of buying a business in Salt Lake City and have not been met with the warmest cheers, their self-worth might have suffered. No matter how great the business you’ve bought, if you don’t believe you can lead it to greater heights, it will not happen. So start by telling yourself you have every right to be the captain of your own ship and that your employees are not looking down on you for not knowing everything.

Dress the Part

Internal confidence will teach you how to carry yourself and how to have the right mindset to get your chosen career going. External confidence, on the other hand, will show people the image you want to portray. That confidence you have deep down will not translate to the confidence that other people will see if you dress sloppily or look like you just woke up. Especially when you’re building a business and you’re planning to be the face of it, you need people to see you as a capable head. And what do capable entrepreneurs wear? Clothes that make them look polished and intelligent. You don’t have to wear flashy clothes but choose them carefully so that you will not always be fidgeting with them because you’re uncomfortable.

Talk Like You’ve Already Won

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You already feel confident. You already look optimistic. Now, it’s time to talk business literally. Flowery words and charm can only take you so much if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Be knowledgeable in the field you’ve chosen, and speak with intention. Only those who are trying to make up for their lack of knowledge will say a lot of unnecessary information. Go straight to the point and make your statements clear. Make sure everyone understands what you’re saying. When all your words carry meaning, it will be easy for your business partners to get on board because they will not be second-guessing your credibility. Mind your body language, too. Your words and your actions are both powerful, and if they work together, you’ll be unstoppable.

Anyone can be a business owner if they are confident enough. But don’t forget that different kinds of confidence will help you get to the top. Start working on your internal and external confidence now.

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