Will Social Distancing Stay After the Pandemic?

The world is currently in big trouble. COVID-19 has affected six continents and has caused the demise of more than 700,000 people. To contain the virus and prevent the rapid spread of the deadly respiratory disease, the governments are implementing social distancing rules, which encourage people to avoid close contact and stay away from public places as much as they can. Mass gatherings are still prohibited in some countries and territories.

All these rules are part of the governments’ initiative to protect the lives of the people and prevent further transmission of the disease. While many people are following the rules and guidelines, others are either stubborn or have no choice but to go out and work to earn money for their family. In some places, people are getting used to the situation wherein they work from home and refrain from going out unless they have a crucial thing to do.

So, will social distancing still be practiced after the pandemic is over? This guide talks about the possibilities.

Why Social Distancing Is Important

Social distancing means you need to maintain a safe distance from another person, especially in public places such as groceries, transport vehicles, markets, and malls. It is also recommended for restaurants, churches, and even at home. Because the coronavirus can be transmitted through respiratory droplets or when an infected person sneezes, coughs, or talks, the risk of getting infected is high in public places.

Social distancing reduces the risks of catching or inhaling the tiny, microscopic droplets that float in the air and carry the virus. It also keeps people from having close contact with one another.

How It’s Observed

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In some countries, transport vehicles already have barriers to encourage passengers to observe social distancing. Establishments, government agencies, and private entities are distributing face masks and hand sanitizers to help prevent cross-contamination. Some countries impose strict rules, curfew hours, and community quarantine measures to contain the outbreak. Other countries even penalize violators with hefty fines, and it worked for them.

In some places, the travel ban is lifted, and private gatherings are already allowed, but social distancing rules are still in place. Durable metal fences are being installed in residential, public, and commercial establishments. Online huddles are recommended alternatives to personal or face-to-face meetings. Many mobile applications still allow people to see one another on their screen while having a meeting. In many public places around the world, people are advised to sit or stand at least one meter apart and avoid chatting as much as possible.

Will It Stay or Be Gone with the Virus?

Based on the current situation, it seems like people will learn a valuable lesson that they will embrace even after the pandemic is over. They are likely to develop the habit of maintaining a safe distance from one another, as well as adopt the practice of frequent hand washing and sanitation. People will be more careful with how they interact with their peers.

No one knows how long the pandemic will last; it depends on how obedient and disciplined the people will be. Let’s do our part to win against this virus.

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