Why People Develop Joint Problems in their 20s

Joint Problems

Joint ProblemsBad knees and stiff, aching wrists are usually seen as problems for old people. While these issues are predominant among the elderly, many young adults also struggle with joint pain. Their mobility is hampered, and they are plagued by constant pain.

Many promising athletes have even had their careers ended prematurely by severe joint issues. Why does this happen topeople so young? There are a number of possible causes, but these are the most common:

  • Nutrition – Many adults don’t get enough vitamins and collagen for joint health in their diets, with significant long-term consequences.
  • Genes – Some people are just more predisposed to getting joint problems.
  • Weight – Being overweight puts more pressure on your knees, leading to additional wear.
  • Health – Aching joints may indicate more serious health problems, like rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases.
  • Injury – Do you go to the gym often? Some exercises can gradually destroy your joints if they are performed with poor form or without warming up first.

People can have bad joints at any age, especially if they don’t take good care of their bodies. While therapy and medication can help correct it, your goal should be to avoid developing these problems in the first place. In most cases, the key is a healthy lifestyle.

Start doing some low-impact exercises, like swimming and cycling. Work on your flexibility; a set of static stretches after every workout can do wonders. However, make sure that you know your limits, and don’t try to tough out injuries. Give your body plenty of time to rest.

Some foods can also help strengthen your joints. For instance, fish have omega-3 fatty acids that lower inflammation, while milk is a good source of calcium for your bones. Of course, there’s a huge range of joint health supplements on the market, but talk to your doctor first before buying anything.

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