Why orthodontics can help perfect a patient’s smile

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Misaligned teeth causing discomfort and damaging your self-confidence?

Crooked, misaligned teeth are sometimes considered to be merely a cosmetic issue within dentistry. Therefore whilst in the past orthodontics has been a treatment provided to children and teenagers it was not necessarily thought of for those in adulthood. Metal braces which are often visible and on occasions cause discomfort both physically and mentally were considered to be worse than just living with the misalignments in adulthood. Luckily, modern technology combined with innovative ideas have created various possibilities of discreet braces which have minimal discomfort whilst adjusting the teeth, allowing the patient to wear the appliances with confidence.

What are the possible orthodontics Navan and procedures available for adults at a practice?

It is understood that in adulthood when it comes to perfecting a smile, a fast but effective method is wanted. Therefore many dental practices offer three possible orthodontic options amongst others. Each method is highly effective and although personal preference is considered, the main decision as to which treatment or procedure is adopted will be based upon an assessment of the patient’s individual case.

The Inman aligner is particularly efficient in realigning the front teeth when crowding or protrusion is apparent. The discreet aligner guides the teeth into place and within months a noticeable change can be felt and seen. This particular aligner is easily removed and therefore fits around the patient’s daily life easily. Most alignment cases are completed within six to eight weeks, but it is entirely dependent on the individual case so may take longer or potentially less time.

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Another option of aligners is the ClearSmile aligner. This particular treatment method prides itself on offering a virtually undetectable, but comfortable method of realignment, as the series of aligners are created out of clear plastic and gently realign the teeth little by little. Similarly to the Inman aligner the ClearSmile aligners are removable and due to their undetectable appearance are considered to be highly effective and sought after.

The third option sometimes offered at a practice is Six Month Smiles. This method has created an innovative approach to the reliable and effective brace method by creating discreet tooth coloured brackets and wires. Whilst using an already established and effective basis to the treatment, Six Month Smiles is able to provide a fast and efficient tooth realignment option. This option concentrates on the front teeth and can produce results needed quickly for a special occasion, like a wedding.

How does the dentist decide which treatment will be best for the patient?

Every patient will attend a consultation before any realignment treatments or procedures are decided on or carried out. A series of in depth examinations sometimes including X-rays or dental impressions will occur during this time, allowing the dentist to view the best options for the patient. Whilst taking the patient’s preferences and potential concerns into consideration, a treatment plan will be established and the patient will be talked through the entire process from start to finish. This will allow the patient to understand the method recommended to them and decide whether it is the best one suited to their circumstances..


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