When You Think of Road Safety, Seeing a Cable Barrier is Comforting

Cable BarrierWhen you want to gauge how effective a road safety measure is, having the right index is key. Knowing that a particular mechanism has been able to give people apt protection in the most trying of times is uplifting.

This is where cable barriers have stood out over time. Not only do they cost less, their impeccable record is hard to argue. Global statistics show the flexible barrier hasn’t been associated with any fatality at all.

Free will, or the ability to decide for yourself which course of action to take, is a wonderful thing. Everybody will agree with that. However, when it comes to the road, free will – or the excessive exercise of it – can breed a chaotic environment.

A surprising detail pops up in a recent International Symposium focused on “The Role of Media in Traffic Safety.” The chairman of the International Organisation for Road Accident Prevention said that over 90 per cent of road accidents are caused by human errors. Meaning, it’s not the road that is to blame.

Detailing how risky young drivers behave on the road, Queensland Dept. of Transport and Main Roads echo a similar finding. The government body aims to minimise these risks by educating young would-be drivers.

Zero Fatality Safety Measure

In such a backdraft, installing road safety measures, therefore, is necessary to mitigate casualties on the road.

It’s great to know that a cable barrier, also called wire rope safety barrier, has been very effective in keeping road users out of harm’s way. Because of its ability to deflect a collision, lower level of damage has been observed.

By this standard, seeing a cable barrier on the road is definitely comforting.

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