What to Give Your Daughter on her 18th Birthday

ShoppingIt’s your daughter’s 18th birthday and you’re probably thinking of getting her something special. There are a number of gift ideas you’ll find on the Internet; you can get lots of suggestions from your loved ones as well as your daughter’s friends. To make sure your gift is extra special, do some research and find out if she isn’t receiving the same thing from someone else, e.g. the boyfriend.

Give her your old car

Sure you can buy her a new car, but most people aren’t so lucky. Even if you can’t afford a new car, however, you can still give her your old one, especially if you’re due for a new one anyway. At least you don’t have to buy two cars at the same time. But don’t give her the old car looking, well, old. Give it a little dust-up and have it checked by a Papatoetoe panelbeater such as Breen Panelbeaters, just to be sure it can serve your daughter for a reasonable length of time. A fresh coat of paint is not a bad idea, either.

Take her shopping

She can choose her own gifts if you take her shopping. But before you go to the mall or her favourite stores set some ground rules, starting with the expense limit. Don’t max out your card on expensive brands. Agree on a few items that she truly wants and work your way down from there.

Take her to see a play

Or to a museum or a poetry reading. Art should be a part of a person’s coming-of-age ritual. This is a great idea, of course, if your daughter has any interest at all in the arts. If she’d rather see a movie, she’ll probably sulk at the idea of something else — unless you’re good at convincing. Take heart: there are movies all parents, especially mums, should see with their teen daughter.

Knowing your daughter’s personality is the key to finding the right gift or gifts for her 18th birthday. That said, these suggestions are almost always the right choices for most teenagers.

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