What to Expect from Driving Tests in the UK

UK Driving Tests

UK Driving TestsRoad rules in the UK are very complex. There are many things to consider, including the vehicle’s safety equipment, lanes, traffic lights and speed limits. More importantly, the licence requirements tend to be strict and ever changing.

It is important to keep track of these requirements if you want to get a driving licence. As such, driving instructors from A1 WillPass Driving School suggest looking for schools that deliver safe and up-to-date education on traffic rules and regulations. Such institutions should be knowledgeable and compliant with the following updates in licencing requirements:

Higher age requirements

The UK government plans to raise the minimum driving age from 17 to 18. This is part of their efforts to reduce or prevent accidents related to night-time driving. Another proposal is to raise the maximum age limit from 70 to 75, all in an effort to increase the pass rate for older people who are still fit to drive.

Different driving theory tests

Government officials and driving schools are concerned about the UK drivers’ inadequate knowledge in road rules. They claim that drivers are not learning enough because they tend to memorise answers by rote. They are planning to change driving theory tests as a result.

Under the changes, new driving theory tests will consist of multiple-choice questions. These tests will no longer come out in books and other electronic learning materials in advance. This move will help drivers improve their understanding of road rules instead of just memorising the answers.

GPS Navigation systems

Application of driving theories is another problem in UK drivers. Some drivers tend to look at their notes or their instructors. Certain parts in driving tests prove to be dangerous for applicants as well.

To address this, driving schools are using satnavs or GPS navigation systems. These will help applicants drive better by listening to the system’s commands instead of staring at the screen for long periods. This move will help prevent accidents that come with the three-point turn and reversing round a corner.

Driving rules and licencing requirements in the UK are constantly changing. As such, applicants should take note of these changes and find driving schools that adhere to those rules.

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