What Should You Do if You Are Arrested?

Prisoner in jail

A recent statistical study shows that law enforcement officers make around 10 million arrests a year. However, this does not mean all arrests made are justifiable. Hence, the presence of the court and a presiding judge. This allows an individual to practice his or her right to freedom until, otherwise, proven guilty.

Being arrested for a crime, whether it is for a minor violation or not, is traumatic. Most arrestees suffer from severe anxiety, stress and disorientation. After all, everything that you enjoy as a free person is threatened to be taken away in just a split moment.

You have the chance to get yourself out of jail while awaiting trial, given that you pay a lump sum of money for bail. For less fortunate ones, bail bonds, available in cities like Raleigh, can help them work their way around the bail money needed. Nevertheless, these methods only ensure temporary freedom until a hearing is conducted for the crimes they are arrested for.

While you don’t have to spend your days in jail for the time being with the help of bail bonds, some don’t really have the resources to afford both, even with the help of relatives. In these cases, what should you do while waiting for the eventful day in court?

Stay Calm and Know Your Rights

Even when arrested, you have the luxury to practice your rights. Often, law enforcement officers are restricted and limited to a lot of things. What’s important is that you remain calm enough not to aggravate the situation.

On that note, you have the right to remain silent as included in the Miranda Rights. While you should clearly identify yourself to the police by providing your name and proof of identification, you’re pretty much not required to say anything else, especially information regarding the circumstance.

After all, anything you say can and may be used against you, so it’s best to stay quiet until your lawyer arrives. Just keep in mind to keep calm and retain composure even under pressure. This will help you from committing any actions you might regret later on.

Do Not Resist and Stay Polite

Even when there’s a chance that you have been wrongfully arrested, do not resist. There are instances wherein law enforcement officers make mistakes in arrests. However, this does not mean they’re discriminating. Chances are you’re arrested for mistaken identity. In this case, it’s best not to resist even when you are sure you did nothing wrong.

Most of the time, arrests turn gruesome because of people who aggressively resist arrests. However, you shouldn’t do this, especially if you are sure you’re innocent. Even if you were initially innocent, you may be charged with crimes that are associated with resistance such as resisting arrest, obstruction and other misdemeanor acts.

Instead, use this as your leverage. Always be polite. With how tough police officers have it, staying polite and calm under these circumstances may give you an advantage. For starters, you’d probably be given better treatment compared to resisting arrestees.

Ask for Your Lawyer

Hands in handcuffs protrude through the bars

The worst mistake arrestees usually make is making statements or deciding without the presence of a lawyer. So, whatever happens, always make sure to ask for your lawyer. Even if you don’t have one, you have the right to legal counsel and you will be provided with one.

Yes, that means you have the right to a lawyer even if you can’t afford hiring one. Your best bet is to politely ask the officers to provide one for you. On that note, the only person you should put your trust on is a lawyer, regardless if he or she is under your payroll or not.

Understandably, being arrested can be a little disorienting. However, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to stay calm even under such pressure. In addition, it is also important to know your rights and exercise them at full power during these instances.

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