What are Lip Fillers?

lip fillers

Lip fillers in Kent are undeniably the most popular type of dermal filler treatment! These fillers work to give the patient a fuller, and therefore ‘plumper’ appearance whilst remaining natural. In addition to improving the volume of the lips, dermal fillers can also give rise to stronger lip contours too, whilst resulting in better definition and symmetry! Furthermore, this cosmetic procedure also offers patients’ a whole host of alternative treatment benefits.

What are the benefits of receiving lip fillers?

Lip injections are widely popular within the field of modern cosmetic dentistry, and for a good reason! These fillers can not only improve a patients’ aesthetic appearance, however they also allow for a huge increase in self-confidence which can change their life! If you are an individual who feels insecure when they look in the mirror due to their fine lips, then dermal fillers could be the perfect solution for you.

How do lip fillers work to produce a happier smile?

Lip fillers are of increasing popularity on a worldwide scale! Despite their commonality however, many potential patients’ may still be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process, and how this procedure works to produce effective cosmetic results.

Taking the first step towards more self-confidence..

Many individuals may shy away from cosmetic lip products in fear of drawing attention to their imperfections! Lip fillers make for a more voluminous and happier smile a patient can feel confident in. But how can a patient be sure that lip fillers will work for them?

Are lip fillers the right treatment option for you?

lip fillers

If you’re feeling insecure about the appearance of your lips, then the answer could be yes! Much like any dental or cosmetic treatment, every lip filler treatment journey will always start with an initial consultation.

What to expect from an introductory consultation..

During this first session patients’ may discuss their treatment goals with their dentist, whilst outlining some of the target areas they wish to work on! Furthermore, the dental healthcare professional may offer a tailored treatment plan, whilst providing information on the next best step to achieving their desired results!

So… What happens next?

After both the patient and dentist have decided that dermal fillers are the best treatment option, then the treatment journey can begin! In addition to their popularity, many patients’ are drawn to this particular cosmetic procedure due to its non-surgical, and thus its non-invasive nature! In addition to their simplicity, lip fillers are also impressively hassle-free, easy to administer, and fast too!

A simple procedure to boost your self-esteem..

Initially, a local anaesthetic is administered to the treatment area! This simple injection works to reduce, and prevent any potential discomfort the patient may experience during the procedure! After deciding the volume of filler the patient desires, the injection is complete within just a few short minutes!

Are the results instant?

Yes! This is just one of the many selling points for patients worldwide! This non-invasive procedure allows patients to receive an immediately fuller, and therefore more defined lip appearance, whilst being completely stress-free!

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