Ways to Make Your House Look Cleaner

Mold DamageIf you are suffering from mold damages in Salt Lake City, chances are the rest of your house is not doing very well, either. While you can always call professional mold cleaners, the general chaos of your home is something else entirely.

Do not give up though – here are some tips on how to make your house look cleaner.

Clear the Sink

Start by having a rule about a clear sink. You will find that a dirty sink is usually where all chaos begins. Once a dirty plate or spoon is lying on the sink, everything else follows. Hence, have this rule that the sink must ALWAYS be clean and clear.

This way, you are compelled to keep the rest of the kitchen looking the same way.

Box it Up

Grab a huge box with pretty designs and put it on the center table of your living room. Place any clutter inside this box so that they do not appear random all over the house. This instantly clears up the room and makes it seem more organized.

Think of the box as your ‘lost and found’ so that whenever you need to organize or find something, you can always check it out.

Switch the Curtains

Curtains have a way of completely changing the look and feel of a room. Try bringing down the old one you have and replacing it with a clean and preferably different colored model.  In some cases, all you have to do is take it down and clean the windows, another great way to transform your home instantly.


Sometimes, there is no other choice but to get rid of the stuff that is doing nothing for the house. One by one, start getting rid of the items you do not want, do not use, or do not need. It can be a book, a stuffed toy, or furniture. Just get rid of it and avoid buying more.

Of course, those are just some small tips on how to make your home appear cleaner. With just 10 minutes a day dedicated to basic vacuum, you will find that staying indoors is much more pleasant.

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