Water Fluoridation Leads to Great Dental Health

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Many people remain unaware of the many benefits that result from the water fluoridation programs in the country. Adding fluoride to water helps your teeth fight dental cavities and more.

You should value your teeth. Not only do they let you munch on food, they also give you that winning smile. Unknown to many people, having a great set of pearly whites ties closely to the amount of fluoride in your drinking water. Present in water and soil is varying levels, fluoride fortifies your teeth’s ability to fight dental caries.

If you don’t have enough fluoride in your diet, you are more susceptible to dental cavities and tooth loss. Luckily, the government can help you reap the many advantages of fluoride in drinking water.

Water Fluoridation

Back in the early 1940’s, scientists made a startling discovery: dental cavities were significantly reduced in people whose water supply had high levels of fluoride. Further research revealed that having 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water was effective in fighting tooth decay.

Upon this realization, there were concerted efforts to increase fluoride levels in drinking water. By 2012, over 74 percent of the public water supply in the U.S. was fluoridated.

Healthier and Stronger Teeth

Your temporary set of teeth gives way to the permanent set, which should last for the rest of your life. Fluoride keeps both of these sets in great shape. Fluoride keeps the developing teeth under your gums strong and healthy.

Finally, having enough fluoride in your drinking water strengthens the protective enamel. Strong enamel can withstand acid attacks in the mouth to keep your teeth healthy.

It is easy to overlook the many benefits that result from having fluoride in your drinking water. In the right concentration, fluoride ensures that you have healthy teeth and gums.

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