Want to Start Your Own Beverage Company? Here’s How


Some people might think that it’s too late for them to come up with a beverage that could be as popular as Gatorade or Coke. If you have a dream of owning a beverage company, don’t think like them. As long as you have the motivation and a unique idea for a drink, you can still start your own beverage business.

Here, you’ll get to know the steps to putting up a beverage business, from building your brand to getting a liquid piston filler. If you think your beverage is the next Pepsi or V8, read on and start planning for your business.

Soda, Health Drink, or Energy Drink?

First, figure out what kind of beverage you want to sell. It may be tempting to try to sell several kinds of beverages, but since you’re only starting, that would be too costly. You’ll also have a hard time marketing all of them.

So, think of the kind of beverage you want and stick to it. Do you want to sell sodas? How about energy drinks? Do you want to cater to people who are health-conscious and give them healthier options? This is important because each kind of beverage has its own requirements when it comes to registering it with the FDA.

Collaborate with a Beverage Chemist

Unless you have a degree in chemistry and nutrition, it would be better if you look for a beverage chemist to help you come up with a formula.

You’re going to have to finance this effort. If you’re still employed, now may not be the time to tender your resignation. But if you really want to focus all your time and effort into making your beverage company a reality, perhaps you might want to take out a loan.

Look for Investors

Once you’ve found the best sample, it’s time to look for an investor willing to finance your operations. This means that you need to produce at least 100 bottles of your beverage that you’ll give to investors.

One way to start this phase of your business without spending a truckload of money is to give your family, friends, and acquaintances a taste of your beverage first. Since you know these people, it wouldn’t be too difficult to ask them to pay for your samples. Also, you can get a review of your beverage.

Another way to raise money for your business is to go to crowdfunding sites. Sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Prosper, and Patreon have been financing people by asking donations from other people.

Lay Out Your Manufacturing and Distribution Plans

Business plan

You can either look for a manufacturer and distributor or you can do this yourself, if you have the facility and the equipment. Manufacturing and distributing your products will be hard, but at least, you’ll have total control of this process. All of your profits will go to you, as well.

After that, secure your registration in all the relevant agencies. That means you should secure a permit from the FDA to ensure that your products are safe for drinking. Without this, you won’t be able to sell your products in any store.

Build Your Brand

Finally, you need to build your brand and make sure that it will be easy to remember. Think of a logo for your beverage, one that’s unique so that people will easily recognize it as soon as they see it in grocery stores.

If you’re serious about selling your own beverage, these steps can serve as your guide on how to start your venture. If your beverage is unique and delicious, you have a shot at coming up with the next drink that could be a household name.

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