Venomous Spiders: Safeguarding Against Spider Bites

Contrary to popular belief, spiders are not insects. Rather, experts have classified them as arachnids. This purely based on the body segments and the number of limbs.

Spiders exhibit a wide range of diversity. The minority comprises deadly carriers of spider venom, while some are beneficial. It’s thus prudent that you seek experts’ opinion in Salt Lake City before reaching for the spider spray arachnicide.

Not All Spiders Are a Threat.

Nearly all spiders carry venom. What differs, however, is the degree of the toxicology of the venom. That makes some spiders harmless. They play a beneficial role in the ecosystem as they feed on other harmful pests and insects. This explains the importance of the judicial use of arachnicide. It prevents exterminating the beneficial group of spiders.

Venomous Spiders

The general distribution of arachnids globally reduces the likelihood of you coming into contact with certain venomous spiders. Nevertheless, certain spiders of medical importance are natives of Salt Lake City.

  • The Black Widow. This is arguably the most popular and most lethal of the venomous spiders in Utah. The female black widow poses the greatest threat. Luckily they are easily identified by the characteristic red hourglass mark beneath the abdomen.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders. Though you don’t naturally find them in Utah, you should remember that the confines of humans are porous. What makes this worse is the fact that humans while on the move can unintentionally carry these venomous spiders to new territories.
  • Yellow Sac Spiders. Like the hobo spider, the yellow spider bite causes tissue death.

Signs and Symptoms of a Spider Bite

The reaction that follows upon injection with spider venom is dependent on the spider species. However, general signs include:

  • Itching rash at the site of the bite
  • Reddening and Pain at the point of injection
  • Neurotoxic venom can cause breathing difficulties as well as immobilize the victim.

Preventing Spider Bites

Isolation, as well as sanitary methods, will offer a greater level of prevention of spider bites. Put on protective gears while cleaning and getting rid of spiders’ natural habitats.

Some spiders are of medical importance due to the threat of the venom that they carry. Exercise caution to prevent spider bites while both indoors and outdoors.

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