Understanding Transmission Problems

transmission repair

All machines go through wear and tear – cars included. As Americans buy thousands of new and used cars each year, car-related problems also increase in number. One of the worst hitches of cars is transmission problems. Often, one problem with the machine leads to another bigger problem. In most cases, finding a transmission repair service provider in Provo or anywhere else near you is the best course of action.

transmission repair

Still, it’s important to learn the key parts of a transmission system and basic problems it encounters. There is the bell housing, filters, gears, and transmission fluid. When one of these things fails to operate, it often results in an unusable car. Diagnosing the problem is helpful. Here are a few major problems and ways to diagnose them:


One of the most common transmission problems is overheating. The frequent stop-and-go in congested roads or heavy loads increases the heat of the engine. When this happens, the cooler lines might have blockages. As a result, this could distort the metalwork and solidify rubber seals, resulting in fluid leaks. It is best to leave this matter to professional transmission repair shops in your area.

Fluid Leak

Fluid problems are the leading cause of gearbox issues in a car. Fluid leaks may come from different factors such as loose filler tubes, faulty pan gaskets, broken seals, or even shoddy installation. All these things could damage the car system. It’s important to check the parts for leaks and confirm if the car needs to undergo fluid change to ensure trouble-free drives.


Many drivers experience transmission slipping because of the usual spasmodic changes in the machine’s RPM and gear shifting. Some drivers don’t slow down or speed up enough before shifting. This shocks the machine and it could cause problems in the long run. To counter this, it’s best to inspect the car’s fluid levels and replace broken vacuum lines.

Car transmission problems are a common occurrence. This is why car owners should know more about their cars and how these machines work. After all, preventive maintenance still goes a long way. Once you determine that the problem is too complex, seek professional repair services for help.

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