Great Ways to Get Back Out There if You’re Not Yet Ready to Get on a Plane

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If you’re like the majority of the population that grew tired and restless after being forced to shelter in place for the better part of a year, you’re ready to start going out again. Whether you’re going out to work, see friends and family or decompress, what matters is emerging yourself in the world again.

Getting stuck inside the same four walls caused many of us to develop higher stress and anxiety levels. It’s no surprise that one of the most common goals post-pandemic has been travel-related. Seeing new faces and different places are definitely two things to snap you back into life. Before the pandemic, even people who weren’t avid travelers have now developed some form of wanderlust.

However, the discussion of traveling can’t be had without considering a slurry of new factors related to our new normal. Health and safety protocols are still a priority even as economies businesses start to open up. Financial situations after the pandemic also came into play as many employees went through difficulties in their careers. The destinations you choose are also somewhat limited as health protocols may vary from one country to another.

While these are factors to consider, none of these are outright hindrances. Conducting apt research beforehand and excellent planning skills can help achieve your travel goals. The last question is, are you ready to get on that plane? Confined spaces out of our control and surrounded by strangers may not be the way you want to start traveling again. Here are some options you can consider as alternatives or baby steps towards the vacation of your dreams.


Though this isn’t really a feasible option for long-distance vacations, it’s a great first step into the world while still being able to socially distance. Bike and motorcycle sales saw a significant increase in sales during the pandemic. The bump isn’t surprising as most people to this day remain concerned for their health when utilizing public transportation.

The subway system in major cities saw major infrastructure problems as the pandemic was at its peak. Front line workers and health professionals needed to find other means of transportation quickly. Outside of work-related concerns, people also started biking in popular trails as a form of excellent physical activity to stay fit. Bikes allow you to be outdoors while still being distanced from society.

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Road Trips

New and used car sales also saw a significant increase during the pandemic. We take biking to the next level; cars allow you to travel while staying in the safety of your own bubble. Though rise services and car rentals were also popular at the time, these vehicles were catering to multiple customers and still triggered a bit of anxiety. Private cars allow you to travel across long distances without worries.

Road trips also allowed for people to start supporting tourism in smaller communities. As people were limited to a certain distance that was comfortable driving, local tourism began to increase. Local travel also helped support small local businesses in the area suffering financially due to the pandemic.

Researching which destinations best suit your vacation needs and are at a comfortable distance for you is essential to decompress. After spending so much time indoors, seeing a long stretch of road and considerably less traffic in front of you can be liberating.

Vans & socially distanced vacations

Taking things another step further, vans and overnight boats for hire also became extremely popular. Van rentals gave you the same comforts a private car offered but with significantly more room. High-class vans also offered great amenities that allowed this to serve as transportation and as your actual accommodations. It also lets you from one place to another without the hassle of booking multiple hotels.

Safety protocols allowed you to enjoy the sights traveling offered while having a moving home base with you. Boats also became a popular option for events as they let you have the luxury of seeing the sights on the water while still having enough room to move around comfortably. Premium services and amenities can also be included in both van and boat rentals.

No matter how you start your post-pandemic travel journey, it’s important to remember to take it easy. Coming out of isolation isn’t going to happen all in one go. Taking care of your mental health through a stable environment and relaxation can also help ease signs of stress and anxiety.

Traveling feels excellent, and choosing the right way to travel during this normal is critical in enjoying your time outdoors. Look into multiple locations and scout out which ones you think will best serve your purpose. Once you’ve decided on your site, you can determine how best you’d like to get there. Great travel memories aren’t only created by flying. You can heave great vacations without having to be quite ready to fly just yet.

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