Top Three Pesky Household Pests in New Zealand

Pests Exterminator in New ZealandInsects, birds, and animals are considered as pests when their habits and behaviours lead to cultural, economic, or environmental damage. In New Zealand, the introduction of certain species from overseas has done more harm than good. Apart from causing damage, some pests are also harbingers of disease.


The common house borer is a type of beetle, which announces its presence with tiny flight holes on timber. They prefer moist untreated timber, which makes treatment necessary if you reside near bush-clad regions. The female lays eggs on borer holes or on the timber surface, and when the larvae hatch in a month or so, they will eat away at the wood. If nothing interrupts them, they will hack away for four years and gradually pulverise your timber posts from within. When two-tooth borers take residence in your home, you usually end up paying for a new set of posts, since they gnaw the timber to such an extent that it becomes structurally unstable. Another preventative measure is to ensure wooden structures are free from damp and to choose insect-resistant species if you live in areas rich in moisture.


All four species of rodents introduced in New Zealand are now considered pests, particularly because they threaten the survival of many native animals. Apart from this threat, they also pose hazards to home, especially with mice, which tend to chew on food packaging and electrical wiring. They also compete with native wildlife for food.


Possum extermination is a priority in many territories because they prefer new leaves and leave forest canopies in ruin. They also rob native birds of food sources such as fruits and leaves.

Borers, rodents and possums are the three most notorious intruders in New Zealand homes. According to A-Jet Services Ltd, at the first sign of them, you must find the best company offering measures for pest control in Auckland. Don’t give them a chance to thrive in your property.

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