Top Five Things You Need to Pack for Your Cycling Tour

If you are planning to go on a bike tour, it is a must that you bring all the essential stuff with you on your trip. But with such a small form of vehicle to carry you from one point to another, you need to be smart when packing your gear. So, before you head to the Liege Bastogne Liege Sportive this year, remember the following must-haves for your cycling tour.

Right Clothes

Bring clothes that are lightweight and packable. They also must be versatile and appropriate for the weather condition. Some cyclists would consider bringing on-the-bike clothes and off-the-bike clothes with them. However, since you only have your bike, it is best to bring clothing that serves the same function.

Bear in mind that riders need to wear light and loose-fitting clothes to protect them from the sun’s rays. Meanwhile, you should also keep your waterproof shell layers handy while you are on the road if it looks like it is going to rain.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are the best tools to fix a lot of things on bikes. You can use them to align crooked fenders and even strap a few items to the bike. You can also attach cables to it end fix a damaged rack, too. It can be a lifesaver as well if you have a broken spoke while you are on tour. What is great about this material is that it is cheap and lightweight. You can easily take a pack of zip ties and store it in your backpack for safekeeping.


Couple on their bikes

Remember that you will be at the mercy of nature throughout your tour. So, it is best to bring the right kind protection to shield your skin from the effects of the weather. Bringing Vaseline with you can help treat your dry lips as well as your cracked heels. These skin cracks can be painful, especially when left untreated. So, bringing a handy petroleum jelly can certainly make things feel a lot better.

Exercise Resistance Band

Cycling for multiple hours in a day can inevitably cause you muscle cramps. So, while you are lying in your tent, you can get your handy exercise resistance band and stretch your sore muscles. This resistance band has countless uses and is perfect for strength exercises as well. In addition, it barely weighs anything so there is no excuse not to bring one with you.

Empty Water Bottle

It is a must to keep yourself hydrated all the time. That is why it is essential to carry an empty water bottle for the duration of the tour. Also, plastic water bottles are affordable. They are also lightweight when empty, making them the perfect item when you are on the road.

These are the essential things that you need to bring when you are attending a bike tour. It is always best to check the map, so you get an idea of what the terrain looks like as well as the weather during the event.

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