Top 3 Vacuum Storage Bag Uses

Frozen Vegetables in Vacuum Storage Bags

A vacuum storage bag is a plastic bag with a zipper and a built-in air valve from which you can suck the air out using a standard vacuum cleaner. The idea is to make the package smaller. It compresses the contents of the bag, so it becomes a less bulky package. Most people use it to pack seasonal clothes and other items for storage.

Removing the air doesn’t only save space, it also seals the package to prevent dust, insects, mould, and mildew from getting in. That in itself is a good reason to buy vacuum storage bags. However, they have many other uses. Here are some examples:

1. Preserving paper

Many libraries and museums use vacuum sealing to protect their assets. Books, newspapers, and other print materials are, of course, made of paper. Paper deteriorates faster due to its exposure to air and moisture. A good way to protect them is to seal them in vacuum storage bags. The State Library of New South Wales in Sydney does just that for its old newspapers, and the State Library of Victoria uses the same method to protect its rare book collection during transport.

2. Travelling

Many people use vacuum storage bags when travelling. Putting clothes and other bulky things into such bags allow them to fit more into a standard suitcase. It’s also a good way to keep everything in place if the luggage opens accidentally. When in a hurry, you can simply grab a specific bag, unseal it, and keep the rest still neatly packed.

3. Storing food

Many people choose food items that have been vacuum-sealed. Most suppliers do this to make food last longer, and you can do the same on your own. Vacuum-sealing food for storage in the freezer or refrigerator can help keep food fresh and tasty for a longer time. This is especially true for fresh fruits and meat, as it keeps oxygen, which makes them spoil faster, away from them.

Vacuum storage bags have other uses aside from saving space. It can help make the jobs of homemakers and professionals alike easier in many ways. Why not get one and see for yourself.

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