Three Ways to Foster Synergy in Any Team Setting


The concept of synergy is among the underlying principles of success for many large and established businesses. After all, when your core competency has a significant overlap with what’s required to succeed in a new line of business, you may be just a small step away from further growth. An Audi service centre and dealership such as Giltrap Audi can leverage its existing strengths to sell pre-owned cars in addition to brand-new models; this is great for customers, who get to purchase more affordable vehicles restored to the best possible condition by the dealer, while the business is able to diversify by entering the second-hand market.

Synergy also applies on a much smaller scale. Depending on your workplace, it may not be a frequently discussed topic, but good leaders understand that individual employees, just like business operations or sports teams, can come together and work towards a common goal in harmony – and when that happens, the collective effort can be greater than the sum of its parts. These methods will help any team to deliberately strive for greater synergy in their endeavors.

A high level of commitment

No goal is too big – or too small – to not benefit from a greater commitment on the individual level. Whether it’s a business plan, football game, or school project, you know that anybody can be guilty of slacking off. Each person has different levers for successful motivation; some people may be driven by financial need, others desire recognition or growth opportunities, while a few simply want to work in a happy and positive environment. Great leaders can make a difference here through effective coaching, reminding everyone of how their individual needs and desires align with the team objectives.

Communication and transparency


Setting goals and expectations, and motivating individuals will have limited success if there is a lack of trust and understanding across the team. It’s essential that each team member is informed and has the opportunity to express themselves without fear, while also respecting others; establishing good communication and transparency of information within the organization is the key to this sort of trust. Simple methods like team building and one-on-one coaching are tried and tested; if you help encourage two-way communication, and see to it that each individual gets to interact with the rest of the team, it helps members build bonds and develop that level of comfort which lets them express themselves without fear.

Empowering individuals

Have you ever seen a team sport play out with one star player hogging the ball, or a coach intervening so frequently that it undermines the players? Chances are that team won’t be very effective in the long run. Sustained synergy – and ultimately, success – cannot come without empowering individuals. Just because a leader knows best or a star can do everything doesn’t mean they should take over all the time. Every team member has the potential to develop further and be a greater contributor to the collective; they won’t be able to take the next steps if leaders aren’t willing to step back, give them responsibility, and the opportunity to make their own results and learn from failures.

Having synergy is a valuable intangible which can make everything suddenly click for a group, and achieve results which are beyond their individual potential. Using these tips will help you deliberately foster this sort of environment and sustain it into the future.

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