Three Mistakes to Avoid With Your Postcard Mailers

Marketing Strategy On Paper In MinneapolisMany small and medium-sized businesses have been using postcards for advertising purposes. What makes them appealing is the efficiency and simplicity involved when it comes to production and distribution. It also doesn’t hurt that postcards are more direct and personal compared to most other forms of advertising.

In spite of the simplicity of postcard marketing, there are still some businesses and marketers that tend to get it wrong. To help you keep from committing their mistakes, here are some of the things that you should avoid:

1. Making a forced sales pitch

As tools for brand awareness, postcards allow you to get through to your audience and generate an emotional response. If you will force a sales pitch, getting such response would be next to impossible. AlphaGraphics Minneapolis, a group of postcard mailer specialists in Minneapolis suggest that your goal is not to close a sale, but to capture the interest of potential customers and make them curious about what you have to offer.

2. Creating a dull headline and images

An attractive headline will certainly make a difference in getting a positive response from your audience. So be sure that your headline is compelling enough to warrant a second look. In addition, remember to use relevant and quality images that appeal to your target audience.

3. Composing long messages

The idea of using postcards as marketing tools is to capture the attention of your audience and communicate your message instantly. Remember that you only have a second or two to do that, so avoid wasting this opportunity with your attempt to be clever by using jargons or long and complicated paragraphs. Instead, write use short and well-written sentences, or possibly bullet points, to get your message across. It would also be best to highlight one important point.

One final note: Avoid any spelling, typographical, or grammatical errors. These will reflect negatively on your professional. You should also check all important details, including your contact information, to be sure that your postcards are free of mistakes and inaccuracies before they leave your office.

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