Three Great Places to Retire In

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So far this 2020, almost 30 million Americans have retired. It is by far the highest number of retirees in the last decade. From a commercial standpoint, there are currently more growth opportunities than ever before for companies that cater to the elderly. Examples include transportation, retirement homes, and other businesses focusing on senior care services and franchising opportunities.

There are several reasons for this. First, covid-19 has left many people unemployed, a lot of them being in their fifties and sixties. Second, many baby boomers have either reached or will soon be reaching the age of 65. Finally, also because of the pandemic, many companies are now implementing cost-cutting measures. As a result, many employees have been offered the chance of early retirement.

For some, not having to work means staying at home, watching TV, reading a book, and playing golf. Others have taken this opportunity to travel, to explore both their own countries and others. This has led to significant improvements in the travel and hospitality industry. Hotels are now better equipped, services are more personable, and there is a wide variety of senior-friendly activities to choose from. As such, more and more retirees are interested in not only traveling abroad but also staying there long term.

If you are considering spending the golden years of your life overseas, three destinations to look into are Portugal, the Philippines, and Australia.


Portugal offers ample benefits to retirees. First, the weather is much better than in most other European countries. Second, it is also cheaper. A few euros will take you much further in Portugal than in many other countries in Europe such as Germany, France, and Italy. This includes housing, daily expenses, and transportation. Third, it has a vast coastline, making it an ideal place for marine activities and exquisite seafood.

Aside from price and geographical location, Portugal has one of the fastest-growing tourism industries on the continent. It is a welcoming, tourist-friendly country open to visitors from all nationalities.

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The Philippines

The Philippines is famous for its multicultural environment, amiable people, and slow pace of life. Throughout its history, it has been a Spanish, Japanese, and American colony. It is a country rich in culture and tradition, taking influences from both east and west. Although it’s located in Asia, the Philippines is considered by many people as a “Latin” country, one filled with warmth, hospitality, and a positive attitude.

For retirees, another great benefit of moving to the Philippines is language. English is one of two official languages in the country. As a foreigner, you will have no trouble communicating with the locals. Also, several countries have retirement agreements with the Philippines, making it much easier for foreigners to immigrate.


With its extensive, exotic fauna and flora, Australia is an outdoors lover’s paradise. For retirees, this represents plenty of activities to take part in and enjoy. Among others, you can go hiking, visit zoos and botanical gardens, go snorkeling, or simply enjoy a beautiful sunset.

In terms of land size, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world. It is also one of the nations with the lowest population density on earth. This makes it a wonderful place to live in with more than enough natural resources and plenty of space to go around. In part due to this, Australians are generally friendly, relaxed, and welcoming to visitors and immigrants from overseas.

Portugal, the Philippines, and Australia are all great overseas retirement options. With a combination of pleasant weather, nice people, delicious food, and adequate facilities, they offer everything a retiree would want. All three also provide a slow, relaxing pace of life and a wealth of activities from which to choose. Why not take a chance on one of them? The latter part of your life can still be the most exciting.

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