Things That Torpedo a Home’s Value at the Point of Sale

House for sale sign in front of a house

Many homeowners understand the things that can increase their property’s value, but many are clueless about the things that can ruin it.

Since a home is one of the greatest assets, it makes sense to protect its value. Should you at some point want to sell it, your home’s value will help you get a good bargain in the market. The following are some of the things that can dampen your home’s value:

Overdue Repairs

No potential home buyer would want to walk into a house full of pending repairs. Whether it’s broken pipes, locks that don’t work, or a water tank that leaks, you need to conduct regular repairs to maintain your home’s value.

Most repairs such as roofs, when left unattended for a long time, become very costly in the long run. Attending to a roof repair in Maryland, for instance, will save you wads of cash and help maintain your home’s value.

Quirky Tiling

Any overly personalized renovation can lower the value of a home. Take the example of tiling. It takes more time and effort to replace. Should you at some point want to sell your house, this type of renovation will be a putt-off to buyers who don’t like tiling.

Because many buyers like to upgrade floors, a traditional white floor would be easy to replace. If you love colored floors, buying rugs is a better option.

Too Much Wallpaper

With its texture and pattern, wallpaper can be a difficult material to work with. First of all, it is notoriously difficult to remove, and homebuyers may view it as a potential headache.

This is not to mean you shouldn’t have wallpaper, but when you decide to stage your home for sale, remove it beforehand and give your walls a fresh new painting.

To net more cash at the point of sale, your home must be in top-notch condition. Besides, maintaining your home makes it more livable, something every homeowner wants. Remember, there are home improvements that can lower your home’s value so be careful when making any updates.

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