These Spanish-Inspired Houses Are All Over Southwest

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Before the British, there were the Spanish conquistadors. One of the leading voyagers of the New World, they colonized the United States, especially in the Southwest, for over three centuries. But even if the country is already a democracy, many of Spain’s influences remain the same, particularly in home designs.

Many of these Spanish-inspired homes are abundant in Arizona, California, and Florida. While beautiful, they can also be complicated to decorate unless someone learns to know their options for Scottsdale AZ rustic home decor.

The Various Spanish-Style Homes

Decorating these Spanish homes begins by understanding the subtle but vital differences in their designs. These styles can include:

  • Spanish Colonial
  • Spanish Mission
  • Mission Revival
  • Pueblo

1. Spanish Colonial

The Spanish Colonial homes were the original properties to feature white-colored exteriors. Unlike the others that were stucco, these houses usually used bricks. The arches on the windows and doors were also hard to miss.

The interiors, meanwhile, featured a courtyard, which might be beside the house. It served as an extension of the living and dining room. The property could also include loggias or partially enclosed sections, which usually led to the garden or the yard.

2. Spanish Mission

The Spanish mission-style became popular during the Arts and Crafts movement. They still featured some of the elements of its predecessor with a few changes.

First, instead of the traditional brick, they already used stucco. The design also exposed wooden ceiling beams, while the decors created a beautiful contrast to the white walls. Textiles and colored tiles featured heavily.

However, since the style took inspiration from Spanish churches, the overall design was more modest. For instance, the windows and doors were simpler.

3. Mission Revival

This architectural style lasted between the 1890s and the 1920s. It started in California, which was then a dramatic shift from the growing house designs of the times. It also took a hint from the previous Spanish-inspired homes, although Mission Revival houses were more intentional in their aesthetic appeal.

These homes, for instance, sported hipped or gabled roofs with clay or red tiles. The windows were deeper with no frames except for their sills, while the eaves were overhanging and used ornate brackets.

4. Pueblo

The Pueblos are the Spanish-inspired properties that are all over Arizona, especially in Phoenix and Scottsdale. As the style suggests, it refers to a cluster of houses that attempts to mimic those found in Mexican and Spanish communities.

Unlike other styles on the list, this one is much simpler. Many of these have only one floor. It may not have a courtyard either. The roofs are usually flat, while the exterior white walls may use fake adobe. Nevertheless, the door may still display arches, and bricks may adorn the terrace.

Decorating a Spanish-Style Home

mexican balconyHomeowners can choose to keep up with the theme or go modern with both the interiors and the exteriors. For those who like to do the former, the following ideas are helpful:

1. Yard Landscaping – Many of these houses will feature a yard, no matter how small. Landscaping becomes essential. It may be smart to go with flowering plants to contrast the usually white exterior walls of the property.

2. Accent Tiles – Spanish-style homes use colorful tiles, but they are merely for accents. It means they don’t cover the entire wall, for example. Instead, homeowners can combine them with more solid but earthy-hued tiles to create a distinction between surfaces.

3. Ornate Decors – When choosing a Scottsdale AZ home decor, homeowners can opt for ornate (but not flashy) pieces. These can include Talavera vases, gilded-glassed lanterns, solid wood furniture, and Mexican textiles like Cambaya.

Living in a Spanish-style home is like being part of New World history. Make it count by designing the interiors well.

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