The Different Elements of an Eco-friendly Home

Eco-friendly Home in Australia

Eco-friendly Home in Australia Designing your own home from the ground up is one of the joys of being a future homeowner. There is hardly a couple that has dreamt of what their home would look like once it is already constructed. Some couples, on the other hand, would willingly buy a readymade house or a pre-constructed apartment unit

If you are one of those who want to design their own eco-friendly home, consider the following elements before you even start construction:

Heat and Power Sources

In the experience of builders like McCarthy Homes, one of the major issues of eco-friendly living is having heat and power from renewable sources. The most basic of these are solar panels and storage for the power they collect. You may also want to consider a furnace or boiler instead of using the conventional heater. Installing heat pumps, wood burning stoves or even a fireplace can also be a good idea. These heat and power sources can help in minimising your energy use and lowering your utility bills.

“Green” Insulation

Keeping the heat or cold in your home is one way of conserving energy. Proper insulation is a requirement to make homes environmentally friendly. Check construction materials that are recyclable and effective as insulation; make sure these are not chemical-based. Consider planting trees and shrubs around your house to provide extra shade and maintain fresh air. Wood has carbon that can clear air pollutants, whilst serving as a natural insulation.

Maximise Space

Owning small homes is becoming more ecologically viable and practical these days. The secret to keep small homes sustainable is by maximising the available space. Install wooden shelves and cabinets along vacant walls for extra storage. Use multi-purpose furnishings, such as ottomans that can function as storage for the living room. Consult with interior designers to get creative ideas on maximising your space.

Smart planning is all it takes to turn your home into a sustainable living space. Work with the experts and find out how you can incorporate green designs to your home.

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