The Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth as an Adult – Without Metal Braces

Teeth with Metal BracesStraighter teeth are pretty high on the wish list of many men and women who are interested in cosmetic dentistry. There is only one barrier to treatment, and that is the thought of having to wear traditional metal braces for months or even years on end.

Fortunately, orthodontics has advanced a lot over recent decades, meaning there are now several more discreet methods of teeth straightening available. Metal braces are still used as standard for children and teenagers undergoing NHS orthodontic treatment, and many young people enjoy the colour customisation options modern appliances offer. But for adults the thought of an obvious appliance can be horrifying.

At Victoria Road Dental Clinic in Ruislip, there are a number of subtler teeth straightening options on offer. It’s worth remembering that the benefits of orthodontic treatment of any form are more than just purely aesthetic. Straighter teeth tend to be healthier teeth, because they are easier to keep clean.

When your teeth are crowded, crooked, or otherwise badly aligned, there are likely to be areas that are hard to keep clean at home. This means that plaque can easily build up, causing gum disease, dental decay, and in some cases even tooth loss.

If you have protruding front teeth, they are more at risk of accidental damage through blows to the head or face. Bringing them into better alignment will help to protect them, as well as improving your biting and chewing abilities.

There are numerous subtle teeth straightening options available these days, including tooth-coloured ceramic braces that can be primarily cosmetic or for more extensive correction, and lingual braces that are placed on the rear of the teeth.

For maximum convenience, many adults prefer to use clear, removable aligners such as the Inman Aligner and Invisalign. They fit over your teeth and won’t be noticed by the untrained eye. It’s also easy to keep up with dental hygiene, because you take them out to clean and to brush your teeth.

The Inman Aligner is one of the fastest-acting appliances around, often taking just weeks to work. It is useful for protrusion and crowding of the front teeth.

Invisalign can treat a wider range of issues, and involves using a series of aligners.

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