Terrifying Third Molar: Managing Anxiety on Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal Everyone dreads the day when they feel those new teeth start popping up at the very back of the mouth. Whether the phobia is due to a friend’s horrifying recovery story or a quick ‘wisdom tooth removal’ Google image search, one thing is certain: wisdom tooth removal may seem like a nightmare.

This article is not here to debunk the ‘claim’ that wisdom tooth removal is, in fact, painless. This article will instead provide the facts in hopes that individuals can feel a sense of peace before the big day.

For those experiencing mild to severe anxiety about wisdom tooth removal, read on.

Talk and Listen

Patients experiencing anxiety pre-treatment should let the dentist know right away; dentists often do their best to make sure patients are comfortable and free from stress and worry before the treatment.

Most dentists then provide several options for sedation to reduce the pain. These include IV sedation, wherein a sedative drug is injected in a controlled manner, making the patient feel relaxed throughout the treatment. Another is inhalation sedation, which involves breathing a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen.

Know the Numbers

How many of the wisdom teeth will be removed? How long will the extraction take? How much will it cost? Knowing all the numbers beforehand can help prepare the body and mind post-procedure.

The process will vary in length, depending on how many teeth will need to be removed. The cost will also depend on the insurance coverage, as well as the surgeon’s financial policies.

Manage the Pain Post-Procedure

Because the tooth, surrounding gum tissue and the jawbone will be numbed using anaesthesia, the procedure is virtually painless. The real battle is after the treatment.

It is possible to manage the pain with over the counter medications and prescription meds. Another effective remedy is ice; a gel ice pack is especially recommended for a softer touch on the face.

Wisdom teeth removal may involve some level of pain, but the results are worth it. Your teeth will look and feel better, as the threat of decay or infection will no longer be a concern.

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