Termites: Causing Injuries, Allergies, and Asthma Attacks

termite infestationAlthough many of the insects found in Indiana bring about beneficial effects, a lot of them are still on the destructive side of things. And the state has its fair share of invasive insects, ranging from moths to beetles to cicadas.

But like in most parts of the United States, termites remain some of the biggest enemies of your home in IN. Let these pests stay a little longer, and you may find yourself not just bereft of a place to live, but also in danger of injuries due to weakened or collapsed structural components. Prevent these from happening by contacting a pest control professional like Yes Pest Pros, Inc. in Indiana right away.

Capable of destroying all wooden structures in a short period

Despite their tiny size, termites have the power to eat away at anything wooden-based in your home. These include building materials and furniture.

In just a matter of three to five years, these insects can go through an entire house and render it unsafe. And because they can feed on structural components such as ceilings, walls, and floors, these parts can become degraded. Over time, they can reach the point of such weakness that they can already collapse or give way.

The greatest danger termites can bring

Your biggest concern when it comes to termite infestation is an accident wherein part of a damaged ceiling or wall collapses while someone is below it, or when someone steps on an area of a weakened floor and it gives way. Whichever of these happens, there is a great possibility of major injuries.

Allergies and asthma attacks

But injuries are not just the only concerns you have. Although rare, they can also cause allergic reactions in humans. There are reports wherein these insects have stung people, leading to pain, itching, and swelling of the tissues. Some people have had their asthma triggered as well, after exposure to these insects as well as their bites and feces.

No matter how small termites are, you shouldn’t ignore them, seeing as they can bring huge problems to everyone in your household.

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