Tasty Mexican Food With a Healthy Twist

A platter of Mexican tacos

Everybody loves some tasty, spicy, and delicious cooking from restaurants in the Buena Vista area. With this temptation, it can be difficult to eat healthy as you dine out, especially in the Mexican joints. The gist of any Mexican delicacy is the tasty effect of the food.

Nobody wants the boring stuff, but what if there’s a way you could stay healthy as you enjoy this tempting cuisine? A top Mexican cuisine expert from Lorenzo’s offers some tips on how to keep it healthy and fun while visiting a Mexican food joint or restaurant.

The Appetizer

For this part, you could order a green salad or a Mexican Caesar with some side dressing. You can also add light sprinklings of bacon or any fatty toppings such as fried tortilla pieces and cheese. This combination packs up great levels of calories.

You could also do a vegetable soup, which is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Alternatively, you can ask for the ceviche appetizer. This is a fusion of scallops, white fish, and shrimp prepared using lime juice and some drops of oil.

Main Course

If you are to make the healthy switch, then you will have to avoid some foods like nachos, chalupas, taquitos, chimichangas, Chile Rellenos, and double stacked burritos. Instead, make some healthy choices, such as black beans, which are a great source of protein and fiber and are low fat.

You could also embrace bean burritos as a replacement for cheese and beef burritos. In the same measure, avoid dips and try out tostadas for better health.


After a heavy meal, it is typical for most people to indulge their sweet tooth. However, to keep it to healthy standards, you could order small servings of sweet treats. For example, you can ask for churros or flan in nice, small servings to avoid too many calories.

Health experts have considered Mexican delicacies a no-go zone over the years. However, if you try out some healthy combinations of Mexican food, you will have nothing to worry about. Eating out is meant to be enjoyed and a little healthy option definitely won’t spoil the fun.

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