Surprising Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

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If you’re thinking of developing strong bones, you don’t have to limit yourself to just drinking milk, which is great if you’re lactose intolerant. There are other ways you can develop strong bones; just ask any orthopedic surgeon Highland has or any other city in the country. But if you want to know of some of the surprising ways to help your bones become stronger right now, then read on.

Drink alcohol

Before you start chugging that Bud, read on first and understand that drinking alcohol in moderation will help you develop bone density. According to scientists, people who drank beer moderately had denser bone structures than those who didn’t. But it doesn’t mean that drinking more will increase the positive results.

Men can drink two glasses of beer a day, while women can drink one glass a day, and the amount of alcohol intake will be enough to improve the density in their bones. But drinking more than that amount can actually weaken the cells in the body responsible for building bones.

Go jumping

The science behind developing stronger bones is that when your bones encounter impact, they become denser and tougher. It is the reason karate practitioners and boxers have tougher hands because of the amount of impact they encounter. Karate practitioners develop stronger bones in their arms and hands every time they break a board. Boxers develop tougher fists because they frequently hit a heavy punching bag.

It’s the same logic when it comes to jumping. If you perform jumping jacks every day, you will not only help your heart become stronger, but the stress you’re introducing to your bones will also help them become stronger and tougher. But only do this if you don’t have an existing bone density problem such as osteoporosis.

Get some sunlight

Vitamin D is good for your bones, and there is a lot of this from the sun’s rays. You can also get it from food such as milk, but it provides only a small amount of vitamin D. You need 600 international units of vitamin D, but milk provides only 100. Hence, get some sunlight—15 minutes of it is enough—every day to help your bones become stronger.

Eat more fish

Eating fish can also help your vitamin D intake. Salmon and tuna have 447 and 154 international units of vitamin D respectively. Aside from getting a little sun, dine on some salmon and tuna as much as you can to help your bones become stronger.

Avoid grain

According to scientists, the sulfur compounds in bread and grain can weaken bone density. The reason behind this is that the sulfur compounds, when ingested, can increase the acidity in a person’s body, and this acid can weaken your bones. Instead of eating bread, eat more fruits. Eat one particular fruit as frequently as you can.

Eat more prunes

Prunes are the fruit you should eat more instead of bread. This fruit is rich in boron, magnesium, vitamin K, and potassium—nutrients that are good for the bones.

Pick a dumbbell

woman exercising with a dumbbell

Exercise can build stronger bones, but did you know that lifting weights is the surest way to increase bone density? If you lift weights regularly, you’ll help your bones become stronger than if you just do cardio. Balance your workout with running on the treadmill for 15 to 30 minutes and then lifting some dumbbells or even barbells.

It can’t be said enough that your bones are essential. They’re the ones that keep you upright, let you walk around, and help you accomplish your daily tasks. Therefore, take good care of them, and they’ll take care of you.

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