Staying Healthy on the Move: How to Stay Fit During Long Vacations

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Vacations are a great time to relax, sit back, and enjoy our time. It’s an excellent time to listen and feel the ocean breeze without a single care in the world. It’s also a great time to indulge in the best food that a particular place could offer. With all of these things in mind, it’s also in vacations where we tend to lose ourselves. It’s great to be out on vacation and gaining a few pounds. But when the vacation is long, that’s when being unhealthy becomes a problem.

It’s been found that more than half of Americans don’t take their vacation leave. But those that do, well, they spend at least nine days traveling. That’s a lot of time to indulge one’s self. Many are likely to gain more than just a few pounds while out there on the road. If you’re one of these people, but you want to either maintain or lose a couple of pounds while traveling, we suggest you do some of the exercises on this list.


Pilates is a great exercise you can do every morning before going out and doing your itinerary for the day. Pilates is considered to be a “low-impact” exercise that is meant to strengthen your core. It doesn’t require a lot of work from you as long as you do it correctly. Additionally, it doesn’t require gym equipment. You can bring a mat with you and do it.

Pilates can help you stay flexible while you move around during your vacation. You can avoid muscle cramps, heartburn, and other bodily pain that could affect how you enjoy your vacation. It could also help with digestion if you plan to eat a lot of food. Pilates could also be a social exercise you can do if you have some traveling buddies. You can rent a dance floor for all of you to do Pilates. You can also have a Pilates instructor help you out while you’re at it. It’s a great way to exercise among your peers, given that you know what you are doing.

Green Exercise

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If you’re out there in the woods or planning to camp out during your vacation, then you can certainly do green exercise.

Green exercise is any physical activity you do in the presence of nature. May it be walking, hiking, or jogging, all of these things can help you elevate your vacation while also losing weight. It’s also helpful in improving your mental state. Interaction with nature can help with emotional problems like depression or anxiety. You can also do it while you’re in another country. If you’re planning to visit the country’s national park or go out hiking, it’s the best kind of exercise you can do.


Any form of cardio may be walking, jogging, or running, all of which are beneficial during long vacations. If you’ve had too much to eat the night before, you can always sweat it out through cardio. It’s also helpful if you’re planning to visit faraway places and you’re just planning to commute.

Aerobic or cardio exercises are exercises that rely on the repetitive movement of the body. It’s helpful if you’re looking to strengthen your muscles, better the oxygen flow in your body, and lower your chances of cardiovascular disease. The best part about cardio is that you can do it while exploring your destination. It’s a great way to see new sights nearby and meet the locals. You can even find shortcuts while you’re at it. Just make sure you have a GPS device that can help you navigate through the streets.

Cardio can be done anywhere, and you can even combine it with the previously mentioned exercises for maximum effect.

Simple Room Exercises

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If you don’t want to get out of your room and want to do thirty-minute exercises each day, you can do that as well. Simple chair squats, push-ups, and abdominal crunches are all viable forms of exercise when you’re out on vacation. They might not have the most significant effect on your body than the other exercises in this list. Still, they can help you maintain your weight, stay fit, and be ready for your adventures ahead.

Choosing the right exercise when you’re out on vacation is essential. It can help you maintain or lose weight at a time when people think it’s impossible. It’s also helpful if you’re looking to maximize the enjoyment you can get out of your vacation. Exercise lets out good hormones like endorphin to make you feel happier and elated while you’re touring. It can also help you reduce mood swings, depression, and anxiety while you’re out there.

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